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Chef Jessie at Rockwell

After the excitement from last night’s crazy surprise party for Tin, I was looking forward to an easy, breezy Sunday of doing absolutely nothing while I recover from going home at 4 am.  Hours lying in bed and a trip to the gym later, it was time to get ready for dinner at Chef Jessie at Rockwell (formerly Le Souffle) with Tin’s family.  Funny because it was her mom who invited me (and not the birthday girl! Haha!). Tin’s parent’s have always been so sweet to me—sending me food at home during special occasions and even adopting me on several of their out-of-town family trips. I’m really lucky to have friends whose families are so accommodating. Makes me miss my folks even more. 

Tonight we started off with some large salads. The Heirloom Tomatoes and White Cheese Salad for me…(which I plan to copy and make at home)

…and the Spicy Tuna in Wasabi-Mayo Dressing with Tanuki for Tin. Both were excellent and quite filling! These + soup would be great for lunch. 

For my main course, I chose the Duck Confit with Crispy Skin in Echalote Sauce. It came with a side of veggies and this cube of these incredibly thinly sliced potatoes with cheese and garlic that tasted like lasagna! I had to take a closer look because it felt and tasted like pasta already. The duck was good but I think I was more impressed with the potatoes!


Tin had the U.S. Black Angus Beef Burger with Goose Liver. I tried a bite of the beef alone and thought it tasted too sweet. 

Of course, if all that weren’t enough, Tin and I just HAD to share a 4 cheese souffle! Light and fluffy with all the flavors of Mozzarella, Parmesan Goat and Blue Cheese, this was divine! By this time, we were absolutely stuffed already and it took a bit of effort for me to shove the last remaining spoonfuls in my mouth. 

Dessert was a Pistachio Souffle which I didn’t have the space to try anymore. A steaming cup of chamomile tea did the trick instead! All in all, it was a lovely birthday dinner at Chef Jessie’s! I went home stuffed and happy. Perfect way to end a fab weekend! 

Thanks for inviting me, Albano family! Happy birthday again Tin! :) 

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